B&M Agency adds Karell Emard to the team!

By: Mathieu Mantha
December 11, 2018

Montréal, QC – B&M Agency adds great talent in Karell Emard. Karell comes in as Project Manager – Business Development & Partnerships and will complement the Montreal market. She brings to the team her knowledge of the André-Laurendeau sponsors, great communication skills and leadership.

About Karell Emard:

Karell has a degree in psychology and modern language and earned her Master’s in educational leadership and administration. Both degrees are from St. Lawrence University where she played on the Women’s Hockey team for 5 years.

Karell currently plays on the Montreal Canadiennes and she is a spokesperson for the campaign “Le Sport Pacifique” fighting against disgraceful behaviour in youth sport.

About B&M Agency

B&M Agency is a sport marketing agency working in area such as sponsorship, marketing and events. B&M Agency is a fully bilingual agency currently covering territories in Ontario and Québec.

To learn more, please contact:

Mathieu Mantha
COO & Business Development
Phone: (514) 462-2175