97% of Students Find Our Workshops Helpful

In November, B&M Agency gave nine (9) workshops to Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM), in the Peel District School Board and the Niagara District School Board. The workshops, ranging from Project Management, Sport Marketing, Leadership and Event Planning enticed students to sharpen their skills and left them wanting more.

“It [the workshop] allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. It also allowed me to learn how to be a strong leader.”
– SHSM student at Sir Winston Churchill

B&M Agency is a sport marketing agency that was founded by two Brock University students with the goal to shape the sport culture in Canada. We believe that sharing our story, our passion for sport and our origins will motivate high-school students to follow their own dreams.

“The workshop was amazing.  It gave me a chance to see other opportunities and jobs that i hadn’t even dreamed of”

– Student from PEEL SHSM Conference

“Very energetic and passionate. Was very interactive and was not boring. Brought us out of our comfort and taught us things we can apply to our everyday lives.” 

– SHSM student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

We pride ourselves in providing interactive and group focused workshops. As a result, we seek to develop a personal connection with our students.Our goal is to inspire students in their transition to higher education and in their career choice, and most importantly to increase their self-confidence.

“Learned a lot about marketing and how to interact with other businesses”

– SHSM Student at Westlane High School

According to students, 97% of students said our workshops were very or extremely organized.

Students are not the only ones loving our workshops, so are the teachers.

“Students were engaged in diverse collaborative activities where they could interact with their peers from other SHSM disciplines.  When sharing their understanding of leadership, their creative group presentations yielded sharing of very impactful quotes as food for thought for their audience members.”

– Elaine Carlson, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School


We work directly with BioLinc, an entrepreneur incubator located at Brock University and with iHub Niagara, an Educational Research and Innovation Hub, to increase the overall experience of our workshops.

To book a workshop with B&M Agency, contact Mohamed Hassan,

+1 (647) 981 – 1426