Top Five OUA Instagram Accounts

As redundant as it sounds, social media is everywhere and encompasses our day-to-day lives. We all strive to be insta-famous with the best pictures and most likes on those pictures. Similarly, some schools in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) have become quite insta-famous.

Going through several OUA Instagram accounts, schools were rated on a score of one to five in each of the following categories: consistency, sport variety, uniqueness, use of stories/highlights, and aesthetics. Although these ratings are all subjective, here is a look at our top five OUA schools’ Instagram accounts.

No. 5 Western University –  @westernmustangs

Heading out of the gates (pun intended) is the Western Mustangs Instagram account. At first glance, the profile page is very aesthetically pleasing with consistent use of school colours in all posts. If you are a follower of the account, you’re likely to see at least one post a day which is good for consistency. The account has a variety of fall sports being broadcasted but it appears with football season in full swing, the men’s football team is getting much of the spotlight on the account compared to other fall teams. Where the account lost some points was in the uniqueness and stories/highlights section. Although posts on the account give you the information needed, there isn’t anything overly exciting or unique that has been incorporated into the account. There were no Instagram stories posted and the highlights section could use some attention as posts are outdated. All-in-all, well done Western, and it is for these reasons why they are placed in the No.5 spot.

No. 4 Wilfred Laurier University – @wluathletics

The Golden Hawks were soaring just above the Mustangs as the Hawks placed fourth overall. They also do a good job of posting once a day while they also have a solid account with respect to uniqueness. The account does a good job of giving followers the scores of games, but also grabs followers’ attention with clever videos of the rivalry between the Golden Hawks and Waterloo Warriors. The account also features comedic lip-sync battles between athletes. The account also has a good variety of sports but football is definitely the hot topic at the moment. Aesthetically speaking, the page incorporates a good balance of school colours throughout, but the page is lacking with their stories and highlights.

No 3. Guelph University – @gryphonsguelph

The Gryphons certainly have the magic touch with the post button because they consistently post multiple times a day keeping followers up to date with their sports news.




The Gryphons were placed higher on the rating scale due to their good variety of different sports posted on their page with not too much overload of one particular sport. The account features adequate uniqueness with quwerky videos, giveaways to games and community engagement. The Gryphons took the cake with their high use of stories and excellent use of highlights as they showcase Homecoming info, O-Week, Weekly recaps, and other past events. Despite having strong Photoshop skills, posts lack a flow throughout the account.

No 2. McMaster University – @mcmastersports

Like the Gryphons, the Marauders do an excellent job in posting several posts a day to keep their followers up to date. They also have a good variety of sports displayed on their account with not too much overload of one particular sport. The account also ranked highly with regards to uniqueness. The account features a unique twist to athletic accounts by showcasing athletes doing intricate or funny poses in posts. Despite lacking with story and highlight posts, the account ranked the highest out of all accounts for their aesthetics. The posts are all aesthetically appealing with great Photoshop edits and consistent flow and strong use of school colours.


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No. 1 Carleton University – @curavens
Above all, the Carleton Ravens came out on top as the No.1 ranked OUA Instagram account. The account does an excellent job in posting multiple times a day with a good variety of sports shown on the page. The account is unique with their posts by having thrilling videos, throwback Thursdays’, and comical memes of players during game time. The account also features a good use of stories and highlights while also having a good balance of school colours in each post to create a good flow throughout the account.


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Overall this ranking was in good fun and we wish the best to all schools in their athletics this season. What do you think of our ratings – do you agree? Disagree? What top five OUA schools would you say have the best Instagram account?

Connor Allen

B&M Agency Intern
PR Officer & Content Contributer