On October 28th, I attended the first Impulse Summit in St Gallen, Switzerland,  a sport conference put together by a group of students led by Clemens Kurten,Founder & President Sports Business Club at the University of St. Gallen and Alexander Schneider, Vice-President. The goal was simple: for Experts (sport industry professionals) to challenge Challengers (students) on topics facing the sport industry.

The Impulse Summit consisted of panels, presentations and workshops. For three days, I had the opportunity to listen and work with Experts from IOC, BVB, FIFA, ESPN, FIBA, Samsung and marketing agencies on hot topics in the sport industry. The topics included sponsorship, digital fan engagement, the future of sport federations and the trends shaping the sport culture. If you know me, you know I live for sport and these are all topics that I am very interested in.

The panel I enjoyed the most was “The Revolution of Sports Sponsorships” by Carsten Cramer, Managing Director BVB; Sandra Caviezel, Head of Sponsoring Credit Suisse; Kerstin Lutz, Managing Partner TEAM MARKETING. Each panelist demonstrated great insight on what they look for when wanting to work with one another.

My favourite parts were the workshops because Experts and Challengers, in groups of five, worked together to solve problems. During the session, I was able to connect with Experts and Challengers on a personal level and challenge them on ideas I brought on the table.

 Bernhard Heusler, former President of FC Basel, discussed Thought Leadership in Sport. He shared his experience as  President of FC Basel and how he led the organization to win multiple Swiss Super League. My favourite presentation by far.

A simple idea was able to unite Challengers from around the world and connect them with Experts in the sport industry. I want to thank the committee for inviting me to an unforgettable event and most importantly, for listening.

By far the best event/conference I have ever attended organized by students.