Duke University Basketball Coming Up North.

A little taste of the NCAA is making its way to Canada. In a three game exhibition, the Duke Blue Devils will be travelling north to take on three OUA teams: Ryerson, Toronto and McGill University. These matchups will serve as a focal point not only to see how the Blue Devils team is coming along, but also how well Canadian basketball acts as a contender against a team who is second in the Atlantic Coast.

With a team that has such talent, there’s no doubt the spotlight will be cast upon Mississauga native R.J. Barrett as he shows his hometown and competition what it’s like to play in the NCAA and why he might have chosen that route over playing in Canada.

Photo by Kishan Mistry.

Barrett, along with Cameron Reddish and Zion Williamson came into the league as the nation’s top three incoming freshmen who will play as vital assets for any success Duke has this upcoming season as they seek a berth in the Final Four.

Needless to say, this exhibition will act as stepping stones to mend the team together as one powerhouse for the season. With the three games and 10 practices Duke was allowed during the trip. “It gives us an opportunity to work with our guys and get to know our guys better,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the chemistry that has developed.”

Although this exhibition will act as a learning resource for the Blue Devils, alternatively how will this matchup equate for the Canadian teams and Canadian basketball?


Despite predictions of the matchups favouring the Blue Devils, this exhibition will act as an exciting time for Canadian basketball. With such a high attraction to the NCAA and March Madness, this will be a great opportunity to see if Canadian basketball would act as a reputable contender. 

With an alarming success rate seen in ticket sales for the exhibition and the three games being televised on ESPN+, this excitement has acted as a first for Canadian basketball and commercially could pave a road to future successes for Canadian basketball.

If the competition is close and sees much success commercially through fan engagement this could be a great opportunity to prove that Canadian basketball is an emerging league that the NCAA should pay homage to and perhaps welcome more matchups like these.

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Connor Allen

B&M Agency Intern
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